Exploring Cuban Free Speech at the Louisville International Festival of Film

The 6th Annual Louisville International Festival of Film, which began Thursday and runs through Saturday evening, invites filmmakers and film lovers to experience a weekend of over 150 screenings. The LIFF screens artistic films not usually presented through commercial venues, and giving independent filmmakers a place to showcase their work.

One of those filmmakers is Lloyd Frost, a Canadian singer-songwriter, whose short musical film “In Everyone’s Eyes (en todas las miradas)” screens Saturday at the Galt House. (Here’s a schedule.) The film, which falls at just over six minutes, takes a subversive look at the silent politics in Cuba—where freedom of speech is obviously a contentious issue. It is based on a song of the same name written by Frost.

I spoke with the filmmaker about his process in creating the musical short.

Read the full interview at WFPL.org. 


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