Throwback Thursday: ‘Rockshops’ Mentor Louisville’s Girls in Rocking Out

“Drum beats, blasting vocals and shredding guitars rhythmically permeated the hallways of Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School.

Jinxed to Death was preparing Sunday for its first performance.

The five band members—all girls under 14—have only known each other for two days and were still in the midst of polishing song lyrics, a combination of wailing alternative rock and rap.”

This is the scene I got to watch unfold on Sunday at ‘Rockshops,’ the educational arm of the new all-women’s Louisville music festival, Outskirts.

Festival co-founders Carrie Neumayer and Stephanie Gary  were inspired by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls Alliance out of Portland, Oregon.

During the Rockshops, girls aged 10-18 were given the opportunity over the weekend to gain basic familiarity with a chosen instrument—guitar, bass, drums, keys or vocals—then form a band and write a song to perform for a private audience of friends and family at Dreamland, a NuLu performing and visual arts space. The workshops and bands rehearsals were led by experienced female musician mentors.
For the rest of the story (and audio of the band), check out the full article at

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