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I’ve Moved!

I’ve upgraded to a new website: ! Come on over, and check it out! Advertisements

Throwback Thursday: ‘Rockshops’ Mentor Louisville’s Girls in Rocking Out

“Drum beats, blasting vocals and shredding guitars rhythmically permeated the hallways of Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School. Jinxed to Death was preparing Sunday for its first performance. The five band members—all girls under 14—have only known each other for two days and were still in the midst of polishing song lyrics, a combination of wailing […]

“One Call, One Click, 198 Miles Away” for Medium’s “Human Parts”

“We live in a world where secondhand tragedy blinks and flashes and flickers. It’s found in newsfeeds, on small screens, in 140 characters or less. And we scroll — dragging our pointer fingers slowly over the carnage and anguish — and then glance up, nonplussed, and ask for the remote to change the channel from ISIS coverage on MSNBC. […]

Exploring Cuban Free Speech at the Louisville International Festival of Film

The 6th Annual Louisville International Festival of Film, which began Thursday and runs through Saturday evening, invites filmmakers and film lovers to experience a weekend of over 150 screenings. The LIFF screens artistic films not usually presented through commercial venues, and giving independent filmmakers a place to showcase their work. One of those filmmakers is Lloyd […]

Friend Me, Follow Me

My Facebook cover photo features flying cats. My latest tweet reads: “Sweeping by Phoebe’s dog bed. Inspired to write a collection of essays called ‘Rawhide and Dust Bunnies.’” These are two reasons you should keep up with me on social media.

Friday Arts Double Feature

It’s Friday, and I’m sure you have places to go and things to see– like  planning for the Portland Art and Heritage Festival or attending the Louisville Outskirts Festival– so I’ll keep this short. My two arts pieces for WFPL today included: Portland, a Working-Class Louisville Neighborhood, Meets Its New Arts Community Louisville’s Outskirts Festival Celebrating Women’s […]

Throw-Back Thursday: “Change Is Coming to Louisville’s Portland Neighborhood…”

Okay– we’re just about an hour shy of Thursday, but it’s been a long day and I’m not even sure the huge “trenta-sized” green tea will be enough to keep up until then; thus, I’m #throwbackthursday-ing now. I’m going through some edits on a piece about The Portland Arts and Heritage Fair here in Louisville, […]